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The Inna Kaufman Gallery | Russian Lacquer Miniature Art

This page contains information about the artists with which the Gallery collaborates. All of them are acknowledged masters of lacquer miniature. Each has an individual touch and a recognizable unique style. In the final count, this is what makes for the superior artistic level of the Inna Kaufman Gallery.

  Palekh Painters
Discovering new names, new brilliant talents is an important pursuit for Inna Kaufman the gallery owner.

Palekh Painters

Yekaterina Shchanitsyna,
Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation

Aleksey Zhiryakov

Oleg An
Nina Bogacheva
Vladimir Brovkin
Vladimir Buldakov
Natalia Buldakova
Sergey Kamanin
Anna Kamanina
Tatyana Kamanina
Tatyana Khodova
Alexander Klipov
Gennady Kochetov
Aleksey Kochupalov
Olga Kolygina
Natasha Kurkina
Natalie Kozlova
Michael Larionov
Irina Livanova
Vyacheslav Morokin
Sergey Morozov
Lyudmila Novikova
Nikolai Novikov
Yury Plekhanov
Dmitriy Shchanitsyn
Yekaterina Shchanitsyna
Yelena Shchanitsyna
Yury Shchanitsyn
Olga Subbotina
Mikhail Subbotin
Evgeniy Sivyakov
Tatyana Surkova
Oleg Shurkus
Boris Yermolaev
Aleksey Zhiryakov
Evgeniy Zhiryakov
Galina Zhiryakova
Vadim Zotov

Fedoskino Painters

Alla Kozlova

Sergey Kozlov
Yelena Aldoshkina
Tatyana Fedorova
Igor Isaev
Galina Kareva
Yury Karapayev
Aleksey Korchagin
Alla Kozlova
Sergey Kozlov
Luba Pashinina
Marina Rogatova
Sergey Rogatov
Oleg Shapkin
Nadezhda Strelkina

Mstera Painters

Vladimir Molodkin
Andrei Grachev
Denis Molodkin
Vladimir Molodkin

If you want more information about a particular work or author, or wish to discuss the terms of your purchase, write to innakaufman@planet.nl.
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