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Details of the Inna Kaufman Gallery, its history, and Palekh and Fedoskino artists can be found in a catalogue devoted to the Gallery s tenth anniversary. The Catalogue includes, in addition, more than 70 illustrations, which graphically demonstrate the uniqueness of the Palekh and Fedoskino school of art.
The Catalogue can be ordered by mail.
Price: 35 € plus postage.


Interior of the Gallery

Since 1990 The Inna Kaufman Gallery was established in the House with the Noses at the Singel 116 in Amsterdam. The monument owes its name to the three men's heads with pronounced noses in the top of the gable. The house was built in 1752 by a rich tradesman from Amsterdam, Abraham Mylius. Inspired by French interiors the ceilings of the hallways and rooms were decorated with rococo-style stucco. In the front-room the ceiling with illusionary stucco-work gives «a view in heaven»: an image of Minerva, goddess of wisdom, sur- rounded by putti. In the corner-medaillons of this room 4 images of animals can be seen; an eagle, a dragon, a lion and a fish. In the patio a large 18th - century stucco sculpture of the Greek goddess of the hunt, looks down on the visitor.

Interior of the Gallery.

Short survey of the activities of Inna Kaufman and The Inna Kaufman Gallery:
  • 1988 Palekh-exhibition at Focke & Meltzer in Amsterdam;
  • 1989-1993 Inna Kaufman is co-owner of the shop Hogendoorn & Kaufman in Amsterdam, specialised in Russian lacquer miniatures;
  • 1989 Exhibition at Hogendoorn & Kaufman of the work by Sergei Kozlov and Alla Kozlova from the Fedoskino-school;
  • 1990 Exhibition of work by Nikolai Lopatin from Palekh; At this exhibition was shown the largest triptych ever exhibited outside of Russia;
  • 1990 Opening of The Inna Kaufman Gallery;
  • 1991 Exhibition of Russian lacquer miniatures in Brussels, Belgium;
  • 1992 Exhibition of work by Sergei Kozlov and Alla Kozlova at Hajenius's exclusive cigar-shop in Amsterdam;
  • 1992 Exhibition of work by Yekaterina Shchanitsyna, top-artist from Palekh;
  • 1993 Exhibition of work by Marina Rogatova and Sergei Rogatov from Fedoskino;
  • 1996 Exhibition “Palekh, a Russian fairy-tale” in The New Church in Amsterdam (over 50.000 visitors);
  • 1998 Exhibition “From Icon to Lacquer Miniature”;
  • 2000 Exhibition “Biblical Images in Lacquer Miniature”;
  • 2000 Exhibition “Russian Easter in Amsterdam" at Focke & Meltzer in Amsterdam”;
  • 2001 Solo-exhibition of one of the best Palekh artist Yekaterina Shchanitsyna, masterpeace “Marriage at Cana in Galilee” in The Inna Kaufman Gallery.
  • 2002 Solo-exhibition of avant-garde artists of Palekh, Michael Larionov and Natalie Kozlova;
  • 2002 Exhibition “Palekh. New Icons and New Religion Themes”.
The Inna Kaufman Gallery presents Natalie Kurkina "Sinderella" Natalie Kurkina "Sinderella"
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